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Author & Psychic Medium

Tony is the Author of “Woke, The Spiritual Awakening of a 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker, and Sacred Obligation, “The Story of America’s Cop”, both available on Amazon.

Tony is also a Psychic Medium. He is Clairvoyant and can see loved ones in spirit who have crossed over, along with Angels, Guides, and Pets. Tony can also (in certain instances), can see images of individuals that “will” come into your life or living people who are influencing your life. He connects with his Guides and the other side and then provides messages to you.

Tony has always had these abilities however, they didn’t become awakened, until he underwent the events of 9/11. His work as a Rescue & Recovery Worker during 9/11 acted as a trigger to fully awaken his gifts and revealed his psychic abilities.

Now Tony provides readings and spiritual coaching to fair goers at his fairs and select locations. See Tony’s list of fairs and events for where he will appear next for readings. Please book early when you get to the fair as Tony sells out very quickly. (Tony will offer virtual readings in the very near future, please stay tuned for details.)

Woke by Anthony M. Losito

By Anthony M. Losito

WOKE 9/11


“Woke” is the chronicle of Tony’s spiritual awakening and how a near death experience, the attacks of 9/11, and other key events impacted his life and spiritual journey.

Author’s Insight

Anthony M. Losito

On the Anniversary of 9/11, Anthony “Tony” M. Losito, a United States Special Agent working as an undercover at the time, responded to the attacks on the World Trade Center that tragic day. After 20 years he finally breaks his silence and describes the events of that horrific day.

Only that day would change Tony’s life in ways he never expected.

“Woke, The Spiritual Awakening of a 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker” is the chronicle of Tony’s spiritual awakening and how a near death experience at age 18, the attacks of 9/11, and other key events in his life impacted and influenced his spiritual journey.

Following the attacks of 9/11 Tony began to see specific repeating number sequences and angelic signs. He would later come to know these special number combinations as “Angel Numbers”. It took time, but through various methods, he decoded these angelic communications and began to understand their divine messages.

“I receive divine messages from the Angelic realm, and I have been asked to share them with the world.”

A very personal mission and journey was assigned to Tony from the highest office in the land, and now Tony shares that message with the world.

Join this 25-year law enforcement and military veteran as he shares his experiences with well-known evidential spiritual advisor, Steve Spur, his personal conversation with bestselling Irish author of “Angels in My Hair”, and renown peace ambassador Lorna Byrne.  This book takes you through his very personal spiritual transformation to deliver a message of hope, faith, love, and unity to the world.

It will inspire you on your spiritual journey and bring you closer to your Guardian Angel.

“I’m glad I got to meet Tony during his wonderful journey You will marvel at Tony’s wonderful career and his quest for knowledge from the other side. You will love Tony’s story, his journey and what he discovered about himself and what is in store for all of us! Tony is now the man with the answers!” – Steve Spur


Anthony “Tony” M. Losito born in the Bronx, New York, and is a native New Yorker. He spent over 5 years working as an undercover government agent combating guns, gangs, and drugs in New York City, and was working as an undercover the day of the attacks.

Following his response and recovery work in 9/11 he was promoted to Police Captain, Director of Public Safety, and Chief of Police for the Hoover Dam and the 22 Mile Security zone surrounding the Dam.

Then in 2011 He was promoted again to Chief of Investigations and Deputy Regional Director of the US Department of Homeland Security in Dallas, Texas. His final law enforcement position was as a Supervisory Special Agent assigned to Internal Investigations for Homeland Security.

He currently serves as a Regional (Targeted Violence and Terrorism) Prevention Coordinator for the Headquarters for the US Department of Homeland Security.

Tony Losito can be contacted through


I hope to inspire the reader through their spiritual journey and bring them closer to their Guardian Angel and the angelic realm. To understand the daily interaction and intercessions of a constant companion known as an Angel.”

– Anthony M. Losito

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