Woke News

August 20th and 21st 2022

Woke was on the road August 20th & 21st 2022 at the Frisco, Texas Gypsy Soul Holistic Fair

April 2nd and 3rd, 2022

Amy and Tony enjoyed meeting with fairgoers at the Wellness Expo held this past weekend at the Grapevine Convention Center. We enjoyed a huge turnout, and signed a record number of books. Thank you everyone for your support! The next Wellness Expo is set for Wichita Falls, Texas this May. Tony will be a featured guest speaker discussing his book, see you there!

Sunday March 20th 2022

Amy and I were on the road this weekend down in Killeen with our book, spiritual jewelry, and other items.

A reporter came by for the Killeen Daily Herald to do an interview, so we made the local paper.

Saturday January 29th 2022

Tony and Amy had a great time meeting with Texas Legends fans on military appreciation night Saturday January 29th 2022. Tony & Amy discussed their 9/11 story with Legends fans and celebrated our veterans. Tony, a veteran of both the US Navy and US Air Force, helped pay tribute to all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Monday December 20th 2021

On Monday December 20th 2021, “Woke….The Spiritual Awakening of a 9/11 Rescue & Recovery Worker” book was officially entered into the 9/11 Memorial Museum collection in New York City by the Head Curator.
Other artifacts, a helmet worn by the Author during rescue and recovery operations, and original photos taken during the actual event by the author were also donated to the collection.